Wilderness Fortress

by Geoclipse

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The gates are now open for all of you wildland creatures. Find solace in the soothing sounds of worm-silk strings, plucked by the beaks of broken-winged bowerbirds. Darkness creeps ever closer, and with it crawls the big machines. By caribou and giant capybara, here we will make our last stand. Welcome to the Wilderness Fortress! ($2 admission fee for general upkeep and to feed megafauna cavalry)

Prounis recorded Wilderness Fortress independently in his dormitory at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science & Forestry in 2010, where he was a conservaiton biology major. All songs were recorded live in a single track using the free music software Audacity and a USB condenser microphone.

Prounis now attends Cornell University as a PhD student studying behavioral and evolutionary neuroscience. He continues to record independently, believing in the power and beauty of uniting science with art. All profits from his music sales go towards supporting his research in behavioral neuroscience.


released January 15, 2009

cover art by Sean Fagan



all rights reserved


Geoclipse Ithaca, New York

Geoclipse is the solo-project of George Smith Prounis.

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Track Name: Sleeping Lioness
As my angel casts away her halo I am left a stranger.
In the city, the beaming lights are pretty but they cant hide your pity.

And there's a fortress, lying in the wilderness, inhabited by insects
Where I lay restless beside a sleeping lioness, deprived of human contact.
Track Name: Mountain Home
Not alone in my distant mountain home.
I've got trees and stones for company.
But they speak real low, in creaky moans when the Fall winds blow.
When the Fall winds blow.

Not alone in my distant mountain home.
Where the wild coyote sings to me
and the loon howls along from the river long to the moonrise song.
To the moonrise song.
Track Name: Whales of the Midnight Ocean
Listen close to the sounds of the midnight ocean.
She's splashing moonlight on the sails.
They're speaking low, but I can hear their wicked notions.
They wanna kill the midnight whale.

We gently float as they search for her black motions
then suddently she's spraying to the stars.
Mist like ghosts dancing on the midnight ocean
and harpoons pierce her glowing heart.
Track Name: The Trees Can See
I see the white wings on the ocean.
They brave the wind ripping and the killer whales jumping.

Today, I can hear the trees grumbling.
They say, they're pissed off about something.
Deforestation by the human population,
habitat fragmentation, and Sarah Palin.
Track Name: What I Know
Just writing a line about the old times.
This is what I know.
Speaking in rhythme against the old lies.
Speaking what I know.

To this is all I ever owe.

We had a bottle of wine, now we feel fine,
Koz on the stereo.
Brings family of mine to the foremind:
the only love I know.

To this is all I ever...

Now I'm taking my time on the long climb
as the wild river roams.
Gliding my way past the warm pines,
my everlasting home.

To this is all I ever owe.
Track Name: Brooch in the Dust
Time must have lapsed in my mind.
For some reason I was thinking of you
and those things we used to do.

Now you're gone, gone like a September sun,
Lost behind me like a brooch in the dust
on this road to the city of rust.
Track Name: Words and Strings
As the birds, they block out the sun
the words and the strings dance as one
in flow with painted soles
image shows on the floors of stone.